After receiving an injection which severely inflamed my sciatic nerve, I suffered intolerable pain in my buttocks, right leg, thigh, calf, ankle bones and foot. Initially I tried moist heat, ice packs, warm tub soaks and nothing helped. Sleeping was extremely difficult as I could not find a restful position. I also became nauseated frequently because of pain and had little desire for food.

And then, someone suggested physical therapy – thank God! You immediately made me feel comfortable and encouraged as I feared I would not recover and be unable to walk naturally (as I was not). I began to slowly lose the severe pain and gain strength once more generally and, particularly, in my right hip and leg.

I also enjoyed the cleanliness and order in your business. I feel that I am about 95% recovered, with only occasional mild soreness and discomfort in my right leg. Thanks again and I will recommend and encourage anyone I encounter to give CPPT a try.