“I was thrilled with my results, the care was excellent. I am back to no pain in my shoulder, movement is wonderful” CH

“I am not the easiest person to be around, despite this, the people here have been very understanding and professional. Many thanks to them for a job well done.” WD

“This is my third time at Central Penn, for all different reasons. I come back because the treatments work and the staff is super.” MM

“I have been to other physical therapy places. At Central Penn, the people are committed to caring and the advancement of the health of their patients. I would highly recommend Central Penn to anyone.” KP

“They really know what they are doing and I fully recommend them to anyone.” DM

“I have zip and strength in my step again. The staff has given me purpose and enlightenment. I would recommend anyone to go to Central Penn.” DH

“When I first started therapy I was in constant pain from torn tendons in my ankle. The ortho gave me 2 options: surgery or physical therapy. I chose Central Penn. At discharge, I had no swelling or pain in my ankle, and I walk without a limp. I would definitely say my therapy was a success, thanks to Dr. Mary and staff.” CS

” I came to Central Penn after a severely fractured elbow. They worked wonders with me and I am truly grateful. I wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for them.” KJ

“Hands on and hats off to Central Penn Physical Therapy!” ES

“I know that I made an excellent choice in going to Central Penn. Due to your expertise in your field of rehabilitation therapy, your patience, encouragement, and individual attention to my needs, I was able to persevere in the therapy program you thought necessary for my recovery. Thank you so much. You are the best!” KO

“The staff makes you feel like part of a family. If it were not for them, I know I never would have done as well as I have. A wonderful and big thanks to all of them!” JP

“I never thought my shoulder would feel normal without surgery. But with the help of Central Penn it did.” SC

“I feel physically and mentally much better and I am grateful for the support.” DM

“I am 15 weeks after rotator cuff surgery and do basically everything I did before I was injured. I feel Central Penn is the main reason I can do what I do. Keep up the great work!” GK

“Let me be the first to tell you that Central Penn lives up to their reputation. I was greeted with a warm welcome and always received encouragement from the staff. The pain in my neck and back has subsided. I feel wonderful. I finally feel like I can enjoy life again. Thank you so much!” SG

“There is only one reason to recommend Central Penn Physical Therapy…RESULTS.” NM

“When I first came to therapy, I thought I would never get full use of my hand. It was a mess. After the first few sessions I was amazed at how much was achieved. I’m done with my therapy now and can do just about everything. On top of the excellent therapy I can just say thank you for your loving and tender care.” TK

“These people are angels in disguise. They calm your fears and encourage you to succeed because it is a possibility and they quietly stand by you as you do it. Thanks guys!” M

“Success story perfectly defines me as a client of Central Penn. Always caring, a wonderful staff, with a great facility to match!” KW

“Goal accomplished…beyond expectations! The atmosphere was very affable, but still businesslike remembering the importance of their task, to rehabilitate. And rehabilitate they did! Extremely well! I would highly recommend their professional services to anyone. A job well done by Central Penn…above and beyond expectations by all.” JT