Becky Wetzel

Becky WetzelLicensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Becky, a resident of Pitman, PA and graduate of Tri-Valley High School, received her Bachelor’s degree from Lebanon Valley College Health Science and went on to Central Penn College to receive her training as a physical therapist assistant, where she graduated summa cum laude. Becky became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in January 2014 and began working at Central Penn Physical Therapy a few months later. Since starting work at Central Penn, Becky has expanded her learning to become a certified EMT. Becky has become a lab assistant in the Evidence Based Movement Approach to Shoulder Rehabilitation.

Becky likes working one on one with patients as often as possible to troubleshoot problems as they arise and help patients recover as fully and as quickly as possible. Becky takes special interest in applying hands on techniques to her patients to allow for the quickest recovery time. Becky likes to be creative and design exercises that target her patient’s goals while allowing for variety and prevent physical therapy from getting mundane and repetitive. Becky’s goal is to bring a positive attitude to every patient and provide the best possible care to each individual to make each therapy session the most enjoyable it can be. Becky’s goal is to continue to learn adaptive hands on techniques so that she is able to apply them to patients as needed no matter the injury.