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My doctor recommended that I go to Mary Stout for treatment. This is one time I listened to my doctor. He knew I needed these kind of people for my pain. They have been a great help doing the exercises. I wasn’t pushed or left to myself. They are very patient and let you decide if the exercise is too much stress. I would and do recommend others to go to Central Penn for help. I noticed their concern for your health; it was important to them. They work like a team – everyone helping one another. The attitude of each was such a pleasure. I always felt at ease and left feeling, “I am getting better.”


Before I came to Central Penn Physical Therapy, I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. After my first meeting with Mary, I was very confident that at last something can be done.

My sessions were somewhat difficult for me, but what a difference they made. Mary, Paula, Judy and Jane were very, very good in pointing out my errors and helping me. By the time my sessions were over, I was thrilled at how well I felt. It’s been a God send – all my treatments , the ease to communicate with them and their care was greatly appreciated. I would recommend all who need this service of therapy to come here. It was great.


After I had my shoulder surgery a friend recommended Central Penn for my therapy. At my first session after evaluation I questioned myself if I had made the right decision by having the surgery because of the pain and the lack of strength that was associated with the simple exercise. Gradually the pain eased as the muscles strengthened because of the encouragement by the staff and their constant observation to be sure I had the correct form and position while performing my routine. By changing my exercises as I progressed I had better range of motion and gained the strength I needed to perform my job properly on my return to work.

Thank you to Mary and the staff members for your professionalism and for the relaxing atmosphere which was a positive inspiration and helped me beyond all my expectations.


Central Penn is the best! I really don’t believe you’ll find another place where the girls (staff) are so caring, courteous and concerned.

Your mind can be at ease. Your care is in the best of hands. I promise! I am another success story.


Since I lived near Elysburg, I picked Central Penn for my therapy.

I was very impressed by the professional examination I received by Dr. Mary Lazarski Stout. She told me how she was going to treat me and asked what I expected to accomplish after the therapy. The appointments were made very convenient for me to meet with my busy schedule.

I found the whole staff conducted themselves professionally, friendly, caring and respectful to my needs making sure I was comfortable and able to do the exercise with no strain or pain. The results after thirteen visits: the pain is gone and I am able to resume my normal life.

I am thankful to Mary and the wonderful staff. You did a great job with my recovery to my normal life.


I never thought I would get full movement in my shoulder! I must say that Mary Stout and her staff – Katie, Judy and Heather – were very professional. They showed and explained all the movements and exercises for my shoulder. The more I did them, the less stressful it was and the less pain I had! I would and do recommend this therapy group to everyone without hesitation!


This is my second time utilizing the services of Central Penn Physical Therapy and I am even more impressed not only with my results, but by the continuous professionalism, knowledge and courtesy of the staff.

I would most definitely recommend Central Penn to my family and friends.


I came to Central Penn after having knee surgery. I was unable to walk 2 blocks or go up the stairs before having surgery. With this physical therapy I am now able to walk 1 mile and walk the stairs normally again. I was also able to return to work part-time 3 weeks earlier than expected and after 8 weeks I am again full-time. I also had a very bad limp before therapy and they also helped me correct it. I will definitely refer Central Penn to anyone. Thank you everyone for your patience and friendliness.


I had the privilege of your therapists working on my problem and correcting it in your Ashland facility. Your therapists are well-trained, very professional and pleasant to your clients. I also appreciated the fact that they arranged my sessions around the hours I had to be at work.

If the need arises again for physical therapy, it is your facility I will choose. Thank you again for your professionalism.


After receiving an injection which severely inflamed my sciatic nerve, I suffered intolerable pain in my buttocks, right leg, thigh, calf, ankle bones and foot. Initially I tried moist heat, ice packs, warm tub soaks and nothing helped. Sleeping was extremely difficult as I could not find a restful position. I also became nauseated frequently because of pain and had little desire for food.

And then, someone suggested physical therapy – thank God! You immediately made me feel comfortable and encouraged as I feared I would not recover and be unable to walk naturally (as I was not). I began to slowly lose the severe pain and gain strength once more generally and, particularly, in my right hip and leg.

I also enjoyed the cleanliness and order in your business. I feel that I am about 95% recovered, with only occasional mild soreness and discomfort in my right leg. Thanks again and I will recommend and encourage anyone I encounter to give CPPT a try.