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Good morning! We are pleased to announce we have officially merged with PRO Rehabilitation Services! PRO is a company much like ours but on a larger scale. They have the same beliefs and ideals about quality of care and time spent with patients. We continue to be able to offer you quick scheduling, from the moment you call us we can schedule your first appointment within a day or two.

With our merger, we are able to offer more hours to the community for appointments including additional days in the clinic and early morning hours, including 7AM, and evening hours.

Please check out the PRO Rehab website for more information!

Central Penn’s newest addition

Please welcome Penny the elf to Central Penn Physical Therapy. She will be in our Elysburg office until Christmas. Everyday she will move around the clinic utilizing equipment, completing exercises, and helping to keep an eye on our patients.

Join in the fun and follow along with her journey. Photos will be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Mary Stout presents course in Pittsburgh

This weekend, 4/23/2016 – 4/24/2016, Dr. Mary Stout PT, DPT will present her research based seminar on developing a comprehensive shoulder rehabilitation program. This course will be held in the Pittsburgh, Pa area. This is a two day 14.5 credit hour course, designed to give physical therapists and physical therapist assistants the necessary information to develop a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program. This course includes lecture and instruction, laboratory time, case studies, and time for question and answer. Dr. Mary’s protocol was awarded the PTPN “National Ace Award” for her protocol on rotator cuff repair in 2010.

Dr. Mary’s protocol focuses on restoring the biomechanical function of the shoulder, through the use of manual techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and closed kinetic chain (CKC) activities. All techniques and exercises applied are individualized designed to return an individual to normal shoulder function and their specific activities of daily living. Dr. Mary Stout is assisted by Becky Wetzel, LPTA, in presenting this course.

If you are interested in this course, feel free to email for more information. Dr. Mary Stout will be hosting a course in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA area on September 16-17, 2016.